Within the last week you may have received a letter from Constellation regarding Municipal Aggregation. THIS IS NOT A SCAM!


The Village of Maple Park has negotiated a rate that will be lower than ComEd. This means that you can get cost-effective electricity supply from one of the largest retail electricity suppliers in the country. We believe that you will find this program a great benefit for you and your household as ComEd is expected to raise their rates quite a bit in the near future. If you have questions please contact Constellation by phone at (844) 409-9554, 24 hours a day. You are automatically enrolled, but it is your decision!


How to Opt-Out You don’t need to do anything to get this new rate; however, if you decide not to take part in the program, please respond with one of the options below by August 29, 2018.


If you do not opt-out by August 29, 2018, you will have been deemed to have authorized and agreed to being enrolled in the Municipal Aggregation Electricity Program and having your electric supply service switched to Constellation.



1)  Mail:  Return the form in the pre-addressed stamped envelope that you received.

2)  Phone:  Call Constellation at (844) 409-9554

3) Web:  Visit www.constellation.com/il-maplepark

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