Celebrate by thinking outside the plastic bag.

Recycling plays a vital role in our communities –
it deserves more than one day of recognition each year. So let’s celebrate recycling with tips and tools to recycle right – today and every day.Plastic bags and bagged recyclables don’t belong in any residential recycling containers – they pose safety hazards for workers, contaminate other recyclables, and damage recycling equipment.  Today we are launching a new Think Outside the Plastic Bag’ campaign to help cities and residents recycle right without using plastic bags or bagging recyclables.Visit to download tools and resources to post on your website and share in resident e-newsletters.  Post our Get Started videos that show residents how easy it is to set up recycling in their homes without using plastic bags.  Visit Waste Management’s YouTube channel and share funny Billy and Teddy videos – those guys are most effective in helping everyone recycle right!Let’s continue to work together to keep both plastic bags and bagged recyclables out of all residential recycling containers.  Thank you as always for your business. Take these simple steps.

Recyle Often Recycle Right Logo Become a Recycling Ambassador

Share good recycling practices with others

Take-Back Options Clip Art Take-back options

Visit to find a drop-off location near you.

Reduce Clip Art Reduce

Avoid plastic bags by taking reusable bags when you shop.

Free your recyclables Clip Art Free your recyclables!

Never bag your recycling – empty items directly into your container.

Reuse Clip Art Reuse

Use plastic bags as trash liners in your garbage containers.

Collaborate and share Clip Art Collaborate and share!

It takes all of us working together to clean up recycling.

Visit often and share with your employees and residents.