Solicitors - Man Ringing Doorbell clip artOn May 23, 2019, the Village of Maple Park approved a solicitor permit to William Rhodes from Vivint Solar*. He is selling solar energy systems. He has completed, and passed, a thorough background check by the Village of Maple Park and has been issued his permit.


If you do not want a solicitation at your residence, you can either by a “No Solicitors” sign at your local hardware store, or department store, or you can just choose not to answer your door. If someone does knock on your door you have the right to ask for his ID, which was issued by the Village of Maple Park. If they do not have an village issued ID, call the police because they have not been vetted by the Village of Maple Park. This is a case where you may call 911, if we do not have an officer on duty, they will dispatch a Kane County officer.


*Although the village issued a permit to this individual, that in no way implies that the village endorses the individual, the company or the product they sell.