Safe Winter Driving Suggestions

We want you to stay safe under dangerous driving conditions. Snow, ice and darkness can be a scary combination while on the road. OSHA states that motor vehicle crashes cost employers $60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage and lost productivity, which drive up the cost of benefits such as workers’ compensation, Social Security, and private health and disability insurance. According to OSHA, the average crash costs an employer $16,500, but when an employee is injured the average cost increases to $74,000, and costs can exceed $500,000 when a fatality is involved.Winter Driving Clip Art


Some Things to Remember While Driving in Winter Conditions

  • Adjust your speed and distance behind other vehicles for conditions.

  • Clear your windshield and windows to aid visibility.

  • Keep your windshield fluid reservoir filled with solvent good to -20°.

  • Clear snow from headlights and tail lights including high break light so others can see you.

  • Pump breaks only if vehicle does not have an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).

  • For additional information, please refer to the Snow Removal Link on the Village of Maple Park Website.

*This article is from the inaugural edition of Risk Report, the Illinois Municipal League Risk Management Association (RMA) quarterly newsletter