Sanitary Sewer Blockage – 400 Block of East DeKalb

The Village had a blockage of the sanitary sewer main along the 400 block of East DeKalb.  The main appears to be full of gravel and the gravel then acts as a block to which things like toilet paper and waste which then stick and further plugs the sewer main.  We are in the process of clearing out the gravel so that the sewer water will flow through the sewer main.  While we are clearing out the sewer main, the main is being televised so that we can pinpoint the location where the gravel is entering the system.  While the Village’s contractor is televising the line, we are also having the sewer mains pumped so that the sewer water does not flow into the area we’re working in – this ensures that the televising camera can see the condition of the sewer main. Pumping also prevents wastewater from backing up into homes.  Once the televising camera pinpoints the problem, we can go in and repair the sewer main.  In the meantime, we ask that residents on East DeKalb between County Line and East Ashton use as little water as possible.  We will provide updates on the sewer system as soon as we have something new to report.