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Maple Park Village Code – Clear and Concise

Are you confused about whether or not you can park a trailer at your residence? This information was widely distributed in 2018, but it needs to be repeated often for new residents, and those of you who may not have gotten the information.

Recreational Vehicles and Trailer Parking is prohibited on any village street or parkway at any time for more than 48 hours. Recreational vehicles and trailers may only be parked or stored on surfaces paved with concrete, asphalt, or paving stones. It also should be noted that RVs, recreational vehicles and trailers can only be parked on an approves surface (see above) that is behind the line of the garage, and cannot be parked on a lot that is on a corner without special Questions Mark Clip Artpermission from the village.

Below are flyers that may help with the confusion:

You can see the entire code at: Village Code.

If you should ever have any questions about any of these please call the Maple Park Village office at (815) 827-3309 or the Maple Park Police Department at (815) 827-3286.