President Signed the Additional Stimulus

On December 21, 2020 , Congress passed additional stimulus legislation and the President has signed it. The Stimulus provisions in total have an estimated price tag of $900 billion. Key provisions  in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020 (The Act) are:

  • Small Business Loans
  • Expenses Associated with Forgiven PPP Loans
  • Employee Retention Credit
  • Individual Tax Rebates
  • Unemployment Benefits

You can read the entire article at the link below for further details and information.

Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021

Water System Update

This week, the Village’s contractor completed the installation of the valves in the water treatment plant.  Immediately upon installation of the first two (2) valves, a great deal of pressure was released from the system. Knowing that the older valves, that were no longer working as they had in the past, were replaced and an additional valve was installed would release pressure built up in the system, the Village still believes that the cloudiness may also be triggered by the swings in temperature the Midwest has been experiencing over the last several months.

The Village would like to ensure its residents that the Village continues to test our water and it continues to meet Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards and is safe to drink.  The Village completes testing as required by the IEPA monthly, quarterly, yearly and every three (3) years for the water treatment facility, our wells, and a couple of locations outside of the facility.  If any of these tests were not within IEPA standards the Village would receive a Notice of Violation.  The IEPA requires that a Notice of Violation be posted on the Village’s website and we would also post a copy at the Village Hall.  The IEPA would then request immediate remediation of the identified violation and would remediate any violations as quickly as possible.  Also, the Village, as required by law, posts its Annual Water Quality Report in June, you can locate the 2019 Water Quality Report at the link below.

Maple Park CCR 2019

Kane County Grant Program – Round Two

Kane County is now accepting grant applications from businesses under Round Two of its CRF Business Grant Program. The Kane County Board has allocated $5 million for this initiative. In order to be eligible, businesses must be for-profit and have a physical place of business within Kane County. They must have been established on/before January 1, 2020, have experienced a decline in revenue and/or increase in expenses since March 1, 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and be in good standing with federal, state and local standards and requirements. Businesses may apply for up to $25,000 to cover certain operating expenses and costs associated with responding/adapting to the COVID-19 health emergency. The county has streamlined the process for Round Two in order to assist as many businesses as possible. Businesses that participated in Round One may apply under Round Two, provided they have eligible expenses that were not already reimbursed by the county or another source of financial assistance.

Applicants should review the Program Guidelines and Application Instructions​ for additional terms and conditions. All applications must be completed using the ZoomGrants application portal established for this initiative. Submissions will be reviewed and funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-eligible, first-served basis. While an application deadline has not been established for the Round Two program, the county anticipates closing the application portal when funds are exhausted, or when it is no longer feasible to process applications and issue awards before the end of calendar year 2020. Questions regarding Round Two of the Business Grant Program may be directed to:

Kane County Office of Community Reinvestment


Cloudy Water in Your Home?

The Village is aware of recent complaints of “cloudy” drinking water. This is likely due to air being trapped in the system and is a temporary condition. The water treatment plant has currently two (2) older air release valves,-the Village is the process of replacing these values and is adding an additional air release valve to further alleviate the issue. The process to replace the valve may take up to four (4) weeks depending on the availability of the valves.  The Village has the water tested by an IEPA approved laboratory and the required daily chlorine residual testing and the monthly coliform (bacteria) testing; all our water tests have come back well within IEPA safe drinking water parameters.

The Village will keep residents informed of the progress of valve replacement/installation.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Village at 815-827-3309.


Certificate of Appreciation Award to Officer Matthew Maculan


Maple Park Officer Matthew Maculan was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Allilance Against Intoxicated Motorists in recognition of Commendable DUI Enforcement. Chief Stiegemeier presented Officer Maculan his certificate at the Village Board meeting held Tuesday, October 6th.

Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program

IHDA Launches Emergency Rental and Mortgage Assistance Program

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) has developed the Emergency Rental Assistance program to support Illinois tenants who are unable to pay for rent due to a COVID-19-related loss of income. The program will provide Illinois renters a $5,000 grant that will be sent to their landlords.

The Emergency Rental Assistance program is expected to reach 30,000 renters that have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and will run through December 2020, or until the available funds are exhausted, whichever comes first. Applications for this program will be accepted from August 10 to August 21. ​It is advisable to start the application once available on Monday, August 10th at 9 a.m. due to high demand. Only one application per household is allowed and an application is not a guarantee of assistance.

You can learn more about the program and how to apply for rental assistance at   and at for mortgage assistance beginning August 24th. If you have any questions, please call (312) 883-2270 or toll-free at (888) 252-1119. For those who are deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired, please contact Navicore Solutions for free assistance at (877) 274-4309 (TTY).​

Help Keep our Sewer Lines Clean!

Thank you, Maple Park, for standing strong and staying at home keeping your loved ones safe!  The Village applauds your diligence!

Village Staff has been working to keeping things running smoothly, and now we need your help in keeping our infrastructure systems functioning as cleanly as possible.  What we are asking is, please DO NOT flush baby/body wipes (even though they say flushable), paper towels, facial tissue or feminine hygiene products down the toilet; these items should never be flushed down the toilet.  If these items are flushed, they can clog up the lateral line that leads from your home to the sewer main and cause a sewer back up in your hom,e which will require that you pay to have your lateral line rotted out or your lateral line replaced.  This is an additional expense and inconvenience a homeowner should never have to live through.

Non-flushable items can also clog up the sewer main and cause sewer backups into homes, which means the Village has to pay to have the sewer main jetted and a homeowner to have to deal with a sewer clean up.

These items can also damage pumps and filters, and require that they be fixed or replaced.  Pumps and filters are expensive and in this critical time, the Village cannot afford to have system issues nor does the Village have additional dollars to spend on repairs or replacements. We certainly don’t want residents to deal with having to clean up after a sewer back up in their home because a pump failed.

Please remember, only flush the three Ps:  Paper, poop and pee!