Snow Removal

Snow Plow Strategy

Goal:  It is the goal of the Public Works Department to provide efficient service in the most cost-effective manner for the residents of Maple Park.

Responsibility:  The Public Works Department is responsible for the snow removal of approximately 8 miles of Village streets.  Removal from a snowfall of 3-5 inches takes approximately 2–6 hours, depending on several factors:

  • Time the snow began
  • Duration of snowfall
  • Type of snow – light/dry or wet/heavy
  • Temperature before and after snowfall
  • High winds – drifting
  • Available equipment
  • Available staff
  • Safety of the staff

Public Works will not plow or salt if they feel that the snow or ice will most likely melt within a few hours. This saves on overtime for staff and the cost of salt.

Staff/Equipment:  The Public Works Department has two full-time employees, one snowplow and a truck with a snow blade.  When warranted, the Village will contract the assistance of others.


  • First Priority – arterial streets (Main, Liberty, Broadway and DeKalb Avenue). Clearing these streets is necessary for the safe passage of Emergency Management vehicles.
  • Second Priority – intersections
  • Third Priority – side streets. Side streets are cleared in succession order as time permits.  Wind direction and drifting snow factor into the choice of which area of the Village is cleared first.

If snow falls over a long period, the Village may repeatedly return to priority one areas before clearing lesser-used areas.  Residents are asked to be patient in such situations.  Public Works will complete the job, but it may take longer than expected, depending on weather conditions.

Roads that are NOT maintained by the Village of Maple Park:

  • County Line Road – DeKalb County
  • Squires Crossing – Shodeen (If East Ashton Drive is not cleared, residents should use Broadway to Willow Street to access County Line Road)
  • Maple Park Road – Cortland Township

Responsibilities of the Residents:

  • All vehicles must be removed from the streets after 2 inches of snowfall.
  • Residents are responsible for clearing the snow around their mailboxes.
  • To avoid being plowed back in, residents may want to wait until Public Works has cleared your street before shoveling the end of your driveway.
  • Do a good deed for the community – please clear snow away from the fire hydrants. This provides quick access for firefighters and water maintenance workers in case of an emergency.

If you should have any questions regarding snow removal, please contact Lou Larson, Public Works Director, at 815-901-4980.