Parks and Facilities Rental

Parks and Facilities Rental Fees and Requirements

The Parks and Grounds encompass Washington Park and Pavilion, McAdams Park and Pavilion, the Baseball Diamonds located on the S.E. corner of Willow Street and County Line Road, Gym and Kitchen located in the Civic Center at 302 Willow Street and several small parks throughout the Village, which have no facilities.

(to be refunded when key(s) returned and facility is clean)

Facility Rental Application 01-06-22

Rental Fees:

Washington Park and Pavilion
Resident:  $100.00
Non Resident:  $150.00

McAdams Pavilion
Resident:  $100.00
Non-Resident:  $150.00

Baseball Diamonds*
Resident:  $100.00
Non-Resident:  $150.00

*Baseball diamonds are rented by the season by baseball leagues.

Gym Rental

Birthday Parties and Group Functions — Resident:  $100.00 per event; Non-resident:  $150.00 per event

Civic Center Kitchen Rental (per event)
Resident:  $100.00
Non-Resident:  $150.00

Gym/Kitchen Package (per event)
Resident:  $150.00
Non-Resident:  $200.00

Civic Center Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Meetings – $20 per hour
Leasing – Small Meeting Room $250.00/month; Large Meeting Room $275.00 /month (at least a one-year lease required).

Liquor Permit* (per event)
$10.00 (Liability Insurance Certificate Required)

In some instances, Police presence may be required (mostly for bike races). This requirement will be at the discretion of the Village and will be charged to the person/entity holding the bike race.


^The renter must be an adult 18 years or older, signing as the responsible person for the rental. A resident resides in a residence located within the village proper and that residence is taxed by the Village of Maple Park.


The Rules Clip Art

  1. Security deposits for rentals will be required in the amount of $100.00. This can be in the form of cash or check, but all funds will be deposited and returned once an inspection of the facility is made and deemed satisfactory.
  2. Rental fee is not refundable.
  3. Facility must be clean to have deposit refunded (empty all waste baskets, sweep floor, clean bathrooms, return key).
  4. Liquor is not allowed on any Village property without a liquor license permit, and never inside the Civic Center.
  5. Absolutely no food is allowed in the Gym.
  6. Absolutely no gum is to be chewed by anyone anywhere in the Civic Center building.
  7. Drinking water is allowed in the gym; however, any spills must be cleaned up immediately.
  8. No hard balls (i.e., softballs, baseballs, bocce balls) in the gym.
  9. No smoking allowed in buildings.
  10. No “bounce houses” will be allowed on any Village property.
  11. Waiver (Adult/Minor) Forms – Must be filled out and turned in prior to the start of the first use of any of the facilities.
  12. Rentals of the baseball diamonds require a schedule of practices, games, etc. to be submitted to the Village Clerk upon submission of the rental application.
  13. Keys, if applicable, for any of the facilities to be rented will be issued to the Contact Person listed on the rental application, and will be the sole responsibility of that person named. Keys must be returned in order to receive security deposit back.
  14. Businesses, Leagues, Ball Teams, non-profit organizations and Liquor Applicants must provide a Certificate of Insurance, and Endorsement form CG 2026 0413. In the Description of Operations Section of naming the Village of Maple Park as an additional insured, with the following statement also included:  The Village of Maple Park, its officials, employees, and agents as additional insured for the use of (state facility being used) for (state purpose of use) beginning on (state dates of operation for the event(s) and ending on (state ending date of event(s).
  15. For families renting facilities for gatherings, a Certificate of Insurance is not needed; however, the Facilities Rental Applicant must complete the Confirmation of Insurance Coverage form.
  16. If a request for a fee, deposit and/or insurance waiver is being made, Applicant must mark the Facilities Rental Application accordingly. The application will be reviewed and the Applicant will be informed of the decision.  If the Applicant’s request for a waiver is denied, the Applicant must submit the deposit, fees and provide the Certificate of Insurance or Confirmation of Insurance Coverage forms prior to using the facility.

Click here for park rental application —-> Facility Rental Application 01-06-22

Send rental application to:

Questions Mark Clip ArtQuestions can be addressed by calling the Village Clerk at 815-827-3309.