Waste Management Holiday Schedule

Waste Managment pick up will be delayed one day due to the Memorial day holiday, so pick up this week will be on Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Center Street Paving Project


In an effort to keep everyone updated on the Center Street paving project, we wanted to let you know that preliminary work involving removing the asphalt on Center Street is scheduled to begin the week of May 18th, and the week of May 25th they will begin on grading of the edges of the road. As work progresses, we will continue to keep you updated via the Village website as well as our Village of Maple Park Facebook page.

Village Contacts

   Public Works Director                                                        Village Administrator

   Lou Larson                                                                          Dawn Wucki-Rossbach
(815) 827-3309 – Office                                                       (815) 827-3309 – Office

llarson@villageofmaplepark.com                                 DWrossbach@villageofmaplepark.com




Vehicle and Golf Cart Stickers

Due to the current Stay at Home Executive Order and the temporary closure of Village Hall, the vehicle and golf cart sticker due date has been extended until June 30, 2020. Letters and applications have been mailed out to all current Maple Park residents with the new applications also indicating that the fee for the vehicle sticker has been raised to $30.00.  Links to both the applications for vehicle stickers and golf cart stickers can be found below.

Vehicle Sticker Application May 2020

Golf Cart License Application May 2020



Planning Commission Member Opening

Are you curious as to how things work in Maple Park? Are you interested in being a part of making things work in Maple Park? Then volunteer to become a member of the Village of Maple Park Planning Commission! We have one committee member position available and we are looking for someone who is wanting to make a difference. The link to the application is below.

Come join and be a part of making Maple Park great!

Planning Commission Member Application


Help Keep our Sewer Lines Clean!

Thank you, Maple Park, for standing strong and staying at home keeping your loved ones safe!  The Village applauds your diligence!

Village Staff has been working to keeping things running smoothly, and now we need your help in keeping our infrastructure systems functioning as cleanly as possible.  What we are asking is, please DO NOT flush baby/body wipes (even though they say flushable), paper towels, facial tissue or feminine hygiene products down the toilet; these items should never be flushed down the toilet.  If these items are flushed, they can clog up the lateral line that leads from your home to the sewer main and cause a sewer back up in your hom,e which will require that you pay to have your lateral line rotted out or your lateral line replaced.  This is an additional expense and inconvenience a homeowner should never have to live through.

Non-flushable items can also clog up the sewer main and cause sewer backups into homes, which means the Village has to pay to have the sewer main jetted and a homeowner to have to deal with a sewer clean up.

These items can also damage pumps and filters, and require that they be fixed or replaced.  Pumps and filters are expensive and in this critical time, the Village cannot afford to have system issues nor does the Village have additional dollars to spend on repairs or replacements. We certainly don’t want residents to deal with having to clean up after a sewer back up in their home because a pump failed.

Please remember, only flush the three Ps:  Paper, poop and pee!

Today is Census Day!

Are You Ready for the 2020 Census?

Today is Census Day!

Census 202 Flyer

The 2020 Census is now underway. Notifications have been sent to households throughout the state and country. Today, April 1, is Census Day. Census Day is the day that everyone should use as the reference when filling out the Census. Where a resident lives on April 1 is the basis for how they should fill out their 2020 Census.


If you have not done so already, we encourage you to fill out your 2020 Census form. That can be done online, via phone or via email. More information is available in the information you received from the Census Bureau, or click on the link below.

2020 Census Information

The 2020 Census affects your voice in government, how much funding your community receives and how your community plans for the future. Let’s make sure all of Maple Park gets counted!!

Playgrounds and Baseball Fields are Closed



As part of Executive Order 2020-10, it specifically states individuals may leave their residences to engage in outdoor activity such as walking, hiking, running or biking and may go to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas IF they comply with the Social Distancing. However, playgrounds and the use of baseball fields may increase the spread of COVID-19, and therefore shall be CLOSED.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathleen Curtis/Village President