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New Garbage Can Hours

Garbage Can Clip ArtOn Tuesday, the Village of Maple Park passed an ordinance that restricts how long you can have your garbage cans out at the curb. This is a normal rule that many municipalities have. The wording in the ordinance, like many ordinances, says that the village can fine you up to $750.00. This language is in many of our ordinances where enforcement may be necessary. The Village of Maple Park will NEVER start out with a fine of any amount. The first thing we will do is let you know, most likely via letter, explaining the rule. We only want compliance, this is not a revenue maker for the village. The only time a fine would be assessed is if you do not comply after the village has tried to work with you.

The meat of the ordinance reads as follows:

Containers for Collection. No person shall dispose of any garbage, refuse or ashes anywhere in the Village except as herein provided. Such material shall be placed in secured or in covered containers, as herein provided, for collection by a licensed garbage and refuse collector. All containers for garbage, yard waste and refuse shall be placed by residents at the curb line of the premises served not earlier than 3:00 p.m. on the day before the scheduled collection, and shall be removed on or before 9:00 a.m. the day after the collection is made. No container shall be placed so as to constitute a nuisance to adjacent property or to the occupants thereof.

Please, if you have questions please call the village office at (815) 827-3309.