Help Keep our Sewer Lines Clean!

Thank you, Maple Park, for standing strong and staying at home keeping your loved ones safe!  The Village applauds your diligence!

Village Staff has been working to keeping things running smoothly, and now we need your help in keeping our infrastructure systems functioning as cleanly as possible.  What we are asking is, please DO NOT flush baby/body wipes (even though they say flushable), paper towels, facial tissue or feminine hygiene products down the toilet; these items should never be flushed down the toilet.  If these items are flushed, they can clog up the lateral line that leads from your home to the sewer main and cause a sewer back up in your hom,e which will require that you pay to have your lateral line rotted out or your lateral line replaced.  This is an additional expense and inconvenience a homeowner should never have to live through.

Non-flushable items can also clog up the sewer main and cause sewer backups into homes, which means the Village has to pay to have the sewer main jetted and a homeowner to have to deal with a sewer clean up.

These items can also damage pumps and filters, and require that they be fixed or replaced.  Pumps and filters are expensive and in this critical time, the Village cannot afford to have system issues nor does the Village have additional dollars to spend on repairs or replacements. We certainly don’t want residents to deal with having to clean up after a sewer back up in their home because a pump failed.

Please remember, only flush the three Ps:  Paper, poop and pee!