Water System Update

This week, the Village’s contractor completed the installation of the valves in the water treatment plant.  Immediately upon installation of the first two (2) valves, a great deal of pressure was released from the system. Knowing that the older valves, that were no longer working as they had in the past, were replaced and an additional valve was installed would release pressure built up in the system, the Village still believes that the cloudiness may also be triggered by the swings in temperature the Midwest has been experiencing over the last several months.

The Village would like to ensure its residents that the Village continues to test our water and it continues to meet Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards and is safe to drink.  The Village completes testing as required by the IEPA monthly, quarterly, yearly and every three (3) years for the water treatment facility, our wells, and a couple of locations outside of the facility.  If any of these tests were not within IEPA standards the Village would receive a Notice of Violation.  The IEPA requires that a Notice of Violation be posted on the Village’s website and we would also post a copy at the Village Hall.  The IEPA would then request immediate remediation of the identified violation and would remediate any violations as quickly as possible.  Also, the Village, as required by law, posts its Annual Water Quality Report in June, you can locate the 2019 Water Quality Report at the link below.

Maple Park CCR 2019