Looks like warm weather is here and with that warmer weather comes a burst of outdoor activity.  The Village has received a number of complaints from vacant property owners that they are finding debris, dirt piles, food waste, branches and unclaimed sports equipment, etc. on their properties.  The Village is asking everyone to be a good neighbor and NOT:

  1. Place debris, dump yard or food waste, tree branches and unwanted dirt from a home yard project; and/or
  2. Practice your chip shot and leave unclaimed golf balls in vacant lots; and/or
  3. Leave the fly balls that your junior leaguer hits over your head in the vacant lots; and/or
  4. Leave soccer goals or pitching/hitting nets on the property that is not yours.

As a friendly reminder, per Village Code Sections 5-2-2, 5-2-4, 5-2-7 through 5-2-10, disposing of garage refuse, anywhere other than a covered container or without the property owner’s permission can be issued a violation and fined, the Village would really like not to have to do that; so, if you have debris or tree branches, please take full advantage of the Waste Management’s weekly refuse and/or yard waste pick up.  Treat hunting for the golf balls or baseballs or softballs like an Easter egg hunt, the person that collects the most wins chocolate.

Thanks for being a good neighbor!