Electric Aggregation Notice

Many of you have already received a notice of the Electric Aggregation.  This is a legitimate program and the below information is what the notice would include.

Electric Aggregation Notice

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Opt-out form

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Sample ComEd Confirmation Letter

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Aggregation Program Terms

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Municipal Aggregation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Please note the Opt-Out Instructions

If you choose not to participate in the municipal aggregation program, you may elect to be removed from the program by emailing AggregationOptOut@eligoenergy.com, calling Eligo at (312) 847-5146, or completing and returning the Opt-Out form within 21 days of the postmark date.  If you do not opt out, you will have been deemed to have authorized and agreed to having your electric supply service switched to the Electric Aggregation program under the program terms and conditions.  For more information, visit www.eligoenergy.com/cities/il/MaplePark.